We are back to you again with our new edition of
Come; refresh yourself with a delightful array of talks
by the top faculty of our country.
And not to miss all the fun time and lots of fellowship.
Our faculty for you


Dr. Ajoy paul Dr. Mohita Sharma
Dr. Amar Agarwal Dr. Namrata Sharma
Dr. Arul Mozhivarman Dr. Nishant Madhivanan
Dr. Arup Chakrabarti Dr. Paneer Selvam
Dr. Ashvin Agarwal Dr. Partha biswas
Dr. Athiya Agarwal Dr. Purendra Bhasin
Dr. Chandrima Paul Dr. Ragini Parekh
Dr. Chee Soon Phaik Dr. Rajesh Sinha
Dr. Gaurav Luthra Dr. Ravindran R. D
Dr. Gopala Raju C.V Dr. Reddy J. K
Dr. Grewal SPS Dr. Rithika Sachdev
Dr. Jagadesh Reddy Dr. Rohit Omprakash
Dr. Jeewan Titiyal Dr. Rohit Shetty
Dr. Kalpana Narendran Dr. Ruchi Goel
Dr. Kamal Kapur Dr. Sathyan P
Dr. Keiki Mehta Dr. Shail Vasavada
Dr. Krishnaprasad Kudlu Dr. Shikha Bassi
Dr. Kumar Doctor Dr. Sonu Goel
Dr. Lahane T.P Dr. Sri Ganesh
Dr. Lalit Verma Dr. Subhash prasad
Dr. Madhivanan Dr. Sudhank Bharti
Dr. Mahipal Sachdev Dr. Sujatha Mohan
Dr. Mohan Rajan


Dr. Chandrasekar C.S Dr. Ravi J
Dr. Chitra Ramamurthy Dr. Sahana
Dr. Girish Reddy Dr. Sean Da Silva
Dr. Gitansha Sachdev Dr. Shreesh Kumar
Dr. Mohammed Faizal Dr. Shreyas Ramamurthy
Dr. Mugdha Kumar Dr. Srinivas Rao V.K
Dr. Muralidharan Dr. Tamilarasi
Dr. Ramamurthy D Dr. Vamsi K
Dr. Rashmita Kukadia Dr. Vidhya

Don't ever miss it.
We promise you truck loads of
happy memories to go back with.

Block your dates - Sept 9th & 10th 2017!

Dr Chitra Ramamurthy

Chairperson, Scientific Committee,
Phaco Refractive Decoded

Dr D Ramamurthy


Accredited with 20 CME Credit Points by the Tamilnadu Dr.M.G.R. Medical University

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Dr Chitra Ramamurthy | conferences@theeyefoundation.com
Mr Krishnakumar | 9843535355 | krishna@theeyefoundation.com